Locate A Lake Sea Fish Species Hunt

Welcome to Locate A Lake Species Hunt! Here you can enter our exciting competition with the potential of winning a fantastic cash prize. All UK entrants will compete to catch the most fish species; simply, the person who catches all species first (with proof) will win. The competition is open for a year, or until one person has completed the challenge; if no one manages to catch all 16 species, we have listed below, then the prize will be awarded to the person with the most species caught. Tip: You will need to fish in the sea, lakes and rivers to catch all species. 

Sea Fish Species Hunt ID Card available to purchase here.


Up to 25 entrants – winner will receive £50.

Up to 50 entrants – winner will receive £100.

Up to 75 entrants – winner will receive £175.

Up to 100 entrants – winner will receive £200.

Over 1000 entrants – winner will receive £1000.

Get inviting your friends to boost the prize fund!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase your ID Card to enter the competition – This will cost £6 (including postage). An ID Card will be available to purchase in our shop. If you happen to lose/damage your card, then contact us. A replacement card will be £3 (including postage).
  2. You will receive your ID Card within the week prior to the competition beginning. On your ID Card, you will find your name and ID number, as well as your valid from/to date.
  3. You can begin catching on the start date. 00:01am on 01/SEP/2021.
  4. With every catch, you must have a photo (either of the fish/with the fish), and your ID Card must be displayed within the photo. This photo must be clear so we can identify the species, as well as your name and the ID number on your card.
  5. With every catch, you will need to send the photo to locatealake@gmail.com or message us on our Facebook page, so we can update your tally. Please name the species you caught and where you caught it. In the subject heading, please include your ID number.
  6. The table will be updated every Sunday on this page so you can keep up to date with your progress, as well as other participants.
Don’t forget to check our species list below, as well as our rules and prize structure.

There are 16 species to catch in this competition. The species are:

  1. Salmon.
  2. Bass.
  3. Cod.
  4. Gurnard.
  5. Tope.
  6. Mackerel.
  7. Whiting.
  8. Dab.
  9. Flounder.
  10. Sole.
  11. Common Skate.
  12. Lesser Spotted Dogfish.
  13. Thornback Ray.
  14. Smooth hound.
  15. Rockling.
  16. Plaice.
  1. 1 paid entry per person – an entry costs £6.
  2. If you lose/damage your ID Card, contact us for a replacement card (this will cost £3). Damage will be if your name or ID number is no longer visible.
  3. Only species in our list will count towards your total.
  4. A photo must be submitted per species to count to your total.
  5. Each photo submitted must contain the fish species and your ID Card – both must be clearly visible.
  6. Photos of fish without the ID Card will NOT be accepted.
  7. You will receive 1 point per species. Example: you could catch 3 Mirror Carp and 4 Roach. You will receive 2 points, 1 for each species.
  8. Total points on offer are 16.
  9. Table will be updated every Sunday.
  10. You will only receive points for catches upon submission of your photos.
  11. A winner will be announced as soon as 1 person has received 16 points for catching all species. If no one catches all 16 species by the end date (01/SEP/2022), then the person with the most species caught will win the prize fund.
  12. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person who has submitted all photos first.
  13. You can enter anytime during the competition, however, the end date will remain the same (01/SEP/2022).
For any questions regarding the competition, please contact us.

Locate A Lake Sea Fish Species Hunt

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